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  1. Best brisket we ever tasted macaroni salad is awesome we take all of our friends and family there and then so do they!

  2. It’s not Texas style, it’s not Carolina style, it’s AZ BBQ!!! Just like the sign says. This is located in Lehi, AZ which is it’s own little community just North of Mesa. Tucked away in the orange groves is a little shack that dishes out the best smoked meat anywhere currently in the East valley. The beef brisket is super tender, moist and has a good smoke flavor. BBQ sauce is a little thin for my liking, but the flavor was great. From a 5th generation of AZ natives who smokes their own meat we are very particular about our BBQ restaurants. Let’s be real their are not a lot of good BBQ places out there.

    1. I’m wary of any restaurant that has jalapeno in the name…I enjoy being able to feel my tastebuds. But, this BBQ joint sounds and looks awesome (judging by some pics a la Google search). Thanks for your comment!


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