Hey guys and gals,

I’m relocating to the BBQ mecca of the world – Austin, Texas in June!

It would be a bit difficult for me to continue to keep up with everything that goes on in Arizona that’s BBQ restaurant, competition and festival related – even though I did consider keeping it going.

So, the website, domain, social channels, e-mail list – everything is up for sale. Originally I was going to place it up for auction on a global stage but decided that would be like finishing a brisket off in a microwave.

I hope to find the right person who loves BBQ as much as I do and can keep the site alive all while bringing your own secret sauce to it.

A few highlights:

  • Nearly 100% of Arizona-based BBQ restaurants are listed in the directory (about 80)
  • This website dominates Google for “arizona bbq events” and related terms
  • Apx. 1,000+ visitors per month – without any advertising, promotion or new content
  • Site is apx two years old, WordPress-based (user friendly) and is setup on the backend to support eCommerce transactions. That’s where I was headed with this site but never launched.
  • Apx 500 e-mail subscribers, all in Arizona with a ~40% open rate.

Email chris@realazbbq.com for inquiries.

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