The Phoenix food truck scene has blown up in recent years, with everything from the Phoenix Street Food Coalition organizing the fad to various Food Truck Fridays popping up around the Valley, from Phoenix, Glendale, Gilbert and just about every city in between.

BBQ food trucks are no stranger to the food on wheels scene. It would seem like an odd fit – after all, real BBQ requires massive smokers, hundreds of pounds of meat, wood and obviously – pickles and white onions.

I still don’t know how they make it all happen within a truck, but there’s plenty food trucks tailored towards the BBQ scene truckin’ around Phoenix.

I’ve done the research and sacrificed my caloric intake just to recommend this handful of BBQ food trucks to fulfill your own meat desires when you’re out and about in Phoenix.

Circle R Farm


The Circle R Farms food truck serves the absolute best roast beef tenderloin out of a truck in the Phoenix area as far as I’m concerned.

The people behind the Circle R Farms food truck have been cooking and catering for more than 50 years, so they know their business. Besides the best tenderloin in Phoenix, the Circle R Farms food truck serves up roast duck, filet mignon, turkey and a pulled-pork slider that cooks for over 20 hours before being plated for your personal consumption.

It’s not all about the meats either, their sides include crisp cheese and cilanto lime cole slaw. Thirsty? Try their pomegrante lemondae. Delicious.

Thirsty? Try their pomegrante lemondae. Delicious.

Throwing a party? The Circle R Farms food truck will cater for up to 500 people, and it has entertainers on contract. You can’t go wrong.

Fresh. Fun. Food, Indeed. Find them @circlerfarm or on their Facebook page.

Grilled Addiction


The Grilled Addiction food truck’s goal is to put a healthy spin on the food truck business: no frying, no microwaving, no charring.

Funny thing is, they choose to do so as BBQ as their catalyst. “Healthy spin” and “BBQ” has never been in the same sentence before Grilled Addiction hit dem streets.

Organic, locally sourced and freshly cooked food. Lollipop Lamb Chops are the signature dish served up by owners and husband and wife grillers, Lance and Beth Smith. Alongside those chops are burgers built to order (tri-tip steak, grilled burger, or grilled chicken plus fixings), blackberry glazed pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich, golden shoestring fries, and much more.

Alongside those chops are burgers built to order (tri-tip steak, grilled burger, or grilled chicken plus fixings), blackberry glazed pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich, golden shoestring fries, and much more.

From caviar to hotdogs, the Grilled Addiction food truck will cater to your every gourmet culinary desire. Another odd combo – “gourmet”, “culinary” and “BBQ.”

But they manage to do it.

Check out their menu or see where they’re headed on Twitter.

Q UP! Barbeque


The Q Up! Barbeque food truck got its start in Miami but found its home in Phoenix in 2011. Why’d you move from Miami to Phoenix is beyond me, but these guys did it and brought their meatastic BBQ with them.

And I’m so greateful they did.

Q Up! makes its own unique barbeque sauce and smokes its meats slowly in a blend of mesquite and oak. Don’t necessarily to be impressed by any smoke rings here, but then again, who cares when it still tastes amazing.

Some of the delicacies on its menu include the Three Meat Plate with beef brisket, pulled pork, spicy sausage and a side (my personal fav); a “Gangsta Grilled Cheese” sandwich, which has beef brisket,

Q Up’s barbeque sauce, and bacon mac-and-cheese, all on toasted sourdough; and Q Up’s Totally Loaded French Fries, which are seasoned fries smothered in pulled pork, nacho cheese, green onions, and Q Up’s barbeque sauce.

So hungry right now typing this, ugh.

I’ve driven five miles out of my way for this truck before and it was 100% worth it. Considering hunting them down tomorrow because at this point I really need some gangsta grilled cheese in my life.

Here’s their menu and you can stalk them on Facebook to see where they’re truckin to.

Tom’s B-B-Q Pig Rig


Tom’s B-B-Q and Catering has two brick and mortar locations in Arizona, but if you’re in the Phoenix area and want some delicious barbeque to come to you, this food truck will be more than happy to oblige.

The Pig Rig got its wheels turning after owner Rick closed up on of Tom’s BBQ restaurants in Fountain Hills. Although the restaurant was no longer open, people were still craving some of Tom’s Q.

Tom’s Pig Rig specializes in, of course, pig—from pulled pork sandwiches to full slabs of ribs.

For a catered event, the Pig Rig will even cook a whole pig, Hawaiian Luau Style! A lot is offered besides pork, though. The menu includes smoked chicken breast sandwiches, potato salad, beef brisket dinners, and peach cobbler.

 The Maine Lobster Lady


It’s taboo to mention non-BBQ cuisine here and the Maine Lobster Lady food truck doesn’t technically sell barbeque, but the food in this sea-truck is just too amazing not to include on this list.

Before you get too excited – Ms. Lobster is back in Maine for the Summer and returns November 1 to Phoenix. She’s a reverse snowbird.

Maine lobster is packed with protein, low in fat and cholesterol, and absolutely delicious—and the Lobster Lady cooks it in all the best ways.

Get traditional or hot buttered lobster rolls, lobster salad, or lobster mac-and-cheese. Besides lobster, you can get a fried haddock sandwich, Maine Whoopee Pies, and more.

If you’re from the Northeast and looking for traditional East Coast seafood, this is your truck. If you want lobster with your brisket (and who doesn’t?), don’t hesitate to give the Maine Lobster Lady a try.

Fair warning – it’s insanly expensive, but for good reason. Be prepared to shell out close to $20 for a lobster roll. Just don’t go too hungry unless you want to shell out $40 or more.

I’ve never seen this truck without a substantial line, comparable to what you’d see at Little Miss, so you know it’s worth the wait.

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  2. Maine Lobster Lady is a “reverse snowbird?” What;s that? It appears her schedule is the same as a regular snowbird, not reverse!!

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